Welcomely is an online marketplace for small, fully-equipped meeting spaces.

The platform features top meeting spaces in hospitality’s finest locales. It goes beyond listing just hotels and restaurants, by including unique hidden gems that are often overlooked.

Welcomely is a one-stop shop for planners to browse small meeting spaces based on location, availability and need - with the convenience of booking and paying on demand.


Photo of Meltem Algan

Hi, I'm Meltem.

I'm a seasoned event planner with international experience in North America, Turkey and the Middle East.​

As a planner, finding the right meeting space has been a major pain point for me. Especially in a new city, which I happened to always be in. The amount of time spent on researching venues and contacting each one individually just to see what was available drove me nuts.

Now with a pandemic in the mix, more companies are permanently transitioning to a remote model. Meaning more people are sharing my pain. Finding the right space to hold a board meeting, host a workshop, pitch your deck, or impress a client is real.

So I created Welcomely - an online marketplace for small, fully-equipped meeting spaces.

Photo of David Gratton

Hi, I'm David.

I make ideas real.

I conceive new products, and I build and lead the teams to deliver them. A technology thought-leader and imagineer, my passion is incubating and growing unique, user-focused applications.

Innate curiosity has taken me around the world, creating products in a wide array of industries: investment banking and fintech, music and film, games, education, and real estate. Rapidly developing and deploying high quality products and apps to an increasingly tech savvy audience is a critical skill set needed to compete in today’s rapidly changing world. I grow these skills and inject design thinking into every project.

My mission is to bring ideas to life. The accomplishment of realizing goals, turning ideas into reality drives me and brings me joy every day.